Are you involved with Chilean produce? If so, we want to hear from you -

Are you involved with Chilean produce? If so, we want to hear from you

A rise in the Santiago Metro fare in October triggered what has since expanded into the most severe social unrest in decades in Chile, previously known as one of Latin America’s most stable countries.

The situation has caused concern in the Chilean agricultural industry over potential disruptions to operations and its reputation among the international industry.

It is for this reason that the Global Studies division of Yentzen Consulting - the parent company of - is carrying out a study to assess the global produce industry’s perception of the social crisis and its view on the possible repercussions.

Yentzen Consulting would like to invite the global produce industry to participate in the study and in turn help the Chilean industry to better understand what the international sector knows about the crisis and how they believe - if at all - the situation could affect them and their company.

The study is aimed at anyone who is involved with the Chilean agricultural industry, including importers, exporters, distributors, logistics operators, marketers and retailers from around the world.

The responses help to position Chile - one of the world’s biggest agricultural exporters - to make the best decisions in relation to the social crisis and minimize the potential disruptions on the global supply chain.

To participate in the study and support the Chilean agricultural industry, click here. All responses are entirely confidential. 

Once the results have been analyzed, we will advise on how the report can be acquired.