Ecuadorian banana sector is fulfilling its contracts despite Covid-19 -

Ecuadorian banana sector is fulfilling its contracts despite Covid-19

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Ecuadorian banana sector is fulfilling its contracts despite Covid-19

The Banana Cluster of Ecuador is conformed by producers and exporters represented in The Association of Banana Exporters from Ecuador (AEBE), The Association of Commercialization and Export of Banana (ACORBANEC), The Regional Corporation of Banana Producers from Ecuador (AGROBAN) and the Chamber of Agriculture Zone II.

Banana Cluster represents almost one hundred percent of the total exports and around sixty percent of the banana national production. Herein the Banana Cluster informs:

Banana Cluster producers and exporters are fully operative and honoring local and international contracts. Banana sector has and will continue to overcome the serious local and international problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global pandemic crisis adverse issues have not stopped nor diverted Ecuador ´s banana formal market production and exports. This is not the case for the informal sector of banana production and export. Banana Cluster actions are driven to implant and guarantee only formal market activity.

COVID-19 safety protocols for every one of the production and export processes and special transport routes have been established together with local authorities. Contingency plans have been put in place in order to allow normal flow of commercial activity during this emergency state.

Banana sector permanent and long-standing commitment to social enhancement programs has been put to forefront of all of our actions. We have dramatically increased our fruit donations to meet the needs of the most economically challenged communities around rural areas of banana production.

The health, labor security and employment stability of every one of our collaborators is the most important and fundamental part of our business. Sustainable banana production and full compliance of banana contracts with continuous free flow of goods and services within free international trade are the core commitments of the banana sector of Ecuador.

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