Afrupro, a growing force in the avocado market

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Afrupro, a growing force in the avocado market

By Afrupro

Afrupro is not just an avocado marketing & packing company. It’s more. In the tumultuous ocean of global agriculture, we are a beacon guiding you and your produce to the safety of legitimate profit margins.

True to our mission statement, Afrupro provides a professional local and international logistics and marketing platform for only the best quality local produce, sourced from top local growers. Birthed from the union of select local avocado growers, Afrupro is the drive behind the successful distribution of locally grown fruit to clients across the country and abroad, in the most efficient way possible.

Afrupro has adopted a simplistic approach to the marketing and distribution of avocados and litchis right through the South African supply period which has led to fantastic returns for our growers. By focussing on the needs of our growers, we have successfully managed to secure a perpetually sustainable presence within one of the toughest industries for all relevant stakeholders.

We pride ourselves on our ability to continue practicing sound business and ethical conduct and responsible agricultural practices. This is achieved by being actively involved in the entire process.

We complete the journey with our growers, rather than guiding them from the safety of the shore. Afrupro offers technical, packing, logistical and marketing services and we support our shareholders and suppliers. All of our fruit is packed by local packaging giant, Afrupro Packers, which is also BRC accredited.

Internationally, Afrupro has developed strategic marketing relationships which we have fostered over the course of our previous seasons. The nurturing of our valuable supply chain has ensured optimized returns as it allows for the careful consideration of all variables related to each season and accompanying cultivar.

The network consists of importers and category managers in every major avocado market in those countries which ensure direct access to supermarkets and other niche outlets.

Through intense and continuous research and development, Afrupro offers our clients valuable insights into the marketplace. All avocado harvesting within the grower group is coordinated by Afrupro which keeps a watchful eye on all area-related variables and growing conditions to further ensure a constant supply of only the best quality produce.

This strategy ensures optimized returns for all cultivars and sizes within the total global supply realities. Afrupro is also aggressively expanding throughout Southern Africa in order to ultimately achieve a 12-month supply chain for our local and international programs.

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