'Cream of the Crop' avocado brand Viavi launched in partnership with Afrupro

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'Cream of the Crop' avocado brand Viavi launched in partnership with Afrupro

By Afrupro

Viavi Avo, the consumer avocado brand, was launched at the annual Maluma Symposium held on March 11 and 12, 2020 at Merensky Highschool.

Viavi is the “Cream of the Crop” brand that has been launched for all certified Maluma produce that is sourced from registered Maluma intermediaries that are signed up with the Maluma Avo branding company.

This enables a two-tier brand system whereby Certified Maluma provides the customer in the Business to Business (B2B) environment that they are buying the actual Maluma fruit, which has the benefit of improved ripening efficiency and quality guarantee. Therefore, product is harvested, packed, and shipped according to the superior protocols to ensure customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Viavi, as the final tier cream of the crop product, can only be packed from "Certified Maluma” produce that has been handled throughout the channel according to the Maluma certified protocols to ensure superior quality to the end consumer with benefits such as an extended shelf-life without any preservatives or additives. This maintains the “clean” eating reputation of avocados as one of the cleanest fruits without harsh chemicals or additives.

Viavi avocado brand

Afrupro is currently the only “Certified Maluma” packhouse that enables it to pack Maluma under the certified brand for programs into the Viavi consumer brand. Afrupro enforces and maintains the strict protocols as set out by Viavi to ensure the best of the best, “Cream of the Crop” avocado reaches the end consumer.

This is not a closed brand, and other intermediaries are welcome to apply to use the brand for their Maluma producers. For example, in Australia we have Costa and MacKays using the Viavi Avo brand.


Izelle Hoffman, Donovan Lewis, Zander Ernst

In South Africa, we have seen a great penetration of the Viavi brand which is now exclusive to Woolworths in South Africa. During peak season, Viavi represented roughly 30-40% of Shelf space in Woolworths that were monitored on a weekly basis.

On 2-fruit punnets, which are mostly made up of big sizes - which suit Viavi and are a popular item in South Africa - Viavi fruit made up roughly 50 - 70% of shelf space in the same stores that were monitored on a weekly basis. Viavi was however only available in the northern half of the country and we hope to grow this penetration further during 2020-2021.

We also appointed Lifestyle Chef Izelle Hoffman as our Viavi Brand Ambassador. With Izelle’s help, we have created some traction for Viavi and improved our market penetration. Izelle focuses on anti-inflammatory eating and healthy living.

Through live Facebook cooking initiatives and live interviews, we have lead people through the discovery of avocados and more specifically Viavi. These videos can be seen on the Viavi Facebook page and Izelle Hoffman Lifestyle Chef’s Facebook page.


Izelle Hoffman

To stay up to date with everything about Viavi Avo and what is happening, find us on Facebook or Instagram @viavi.avo

Please visit our website for all you Viavi Avo’licious recipes and information regarding the brand: www.viavi-avo.com

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