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U.S.: Potato sales have skyrocketed by a third since onset of pandemic

U.S. retail sales of potatoes have skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing 31% in dollars and 32% in volume in the three months from mid-March.

The situation was likely driven by consumers cooking more at home over recent months and favoring produce items with long shelf life.

All potato categories across the retail store, except deli-prepared sides, increased in dollar and volume sales. The majority of potato categories saw double-digit growth in both measures.

Dehydrated potatoes had the largest increase in dollar and volume sales. Dollar sales increased by 59%, and volume sales increased by 49%. Deli-prepared sides decreased by 23% in dollars and 51% in volume. Over the 13 weeks, total potato sales saw dollar sale increases of 13% or greater.

Fresh potato sales increased by 46%, and volume increased by 35%. Every fresh potato type except for fingerling showed double-digit dollar sales growth.

Fingerling potatoes were the only category that decreased in volume sales down by 7%.

Yellow potatoes showed the largest increase in both dollar and volume sales. Dollar sales increased by 54%, and volume sales increased by 42%.