California avocado demand remains strong into summer - CAC

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California avocado demand remains strong into summer - CAC

Much of the California avocado season falls in the period of summer holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day, making domestically grown California avocados a great fit for summer promotions.

California Avocado Commission (CAC) customized programs are underway with retailers and foodservice operators, and more promotions are planned throughout the summer.

“Demand for California avocados has stayed strong throughout spring and into summer,” said CAC Vice President Marketing, Jan DeLyser.

“Understandably, promotions needed to take a back seat to basic supply logistics during the early months of the pandemic, but leading into summer customer readiness and enthusiasm for program participation has been very encouraging.”

In addition to its consumer advertising campaign, the Commission develops customized programs to support retailers who merchandise California avocados.

This summer, promotion vehicles in use and planned include; digital advertising, feature ads and ad circulars, e-flyers, banner ads, savings rewards and booklets, in-store demos, social media programs, incentives for online shopping, videos including custom-produced recipe videos, retail dietitian programs, recipe promotions, inclusion in produce cross-marketing programs and participation in a retailer TV segment.

CAC also has resumed certain tactics that they deemed inappropriate during the early days of the pandemic, such as sales contests and display contests, because at the time retailers had their hands full just with replenishing shelves and keeping fresh produce in stock.

But summer California avocado display programs are back, supported by display bins, in-store signage, stanchions and chalkboard signs, as works best for participating retailers.

For some, including a profile of a California avocado grower in an ad or in-store material helps communicate locally grown and promote community pride.

The Commission’s foodservice promotions focus on operators with take-out and delivery service. Del Taco highlighted California avocado season and fresh California avocados by showcasing guacamole and fresh slices of the fruit with many of the dishes on their menu. In addition, the chain placed added emphasis on its Epic Grilled Chicken Fresh Avocado Burrito.

Other foodservice operator programs included celebrations of California Avocado Month in June. CAC continues promoting California avocado season with chains that specialize in sandwiches, tacos, rice bowls, burgers, grilling and more. Activities include “upsell promotions”, digital programs and signage.

“All this promotion activity supports California avocado growers and our loyal customers,” said DeLyser. “Based on current projections, the Commission expects a California avocado harvest of nearly 400 million pounds with supply continuing into September and possibly October.”


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