Nature's Pride launches cardboard packaging for avocados

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Nature's Pride launches cardboard packaging for avocados

Netherlands-based Nature’s Pride, one of the biggest avocado distributors in Europe, has announced it is introducing a 100% cardboard packaging for avocados.

The company says this packaging represents a huge step in reducing plastic usage. As it consists of just cardboard, it can be fully recycled and eliminates the need for a label.

By implementing this change with just the 2-packs, the company will reduce its use of plastic by 52,000 kilos annually.

As well as being more sustainable, the new packaging also cuts down on transport movements of the flat folded packaging: 21 fewer trailers compared with 2019.

The design of the new avocado packaging still offers good product visibility and representation of the EAT ME brand. The pack also displays relevant information for consumers, including the nutritional values of the product. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, this aspect has become a key purchasing argument for consumers.

The new avocado packaging will have a phased introduction to the customers, Nature's Pride said.

Following the trend set with the avocado packaging, Nature’s Pride will also introduce more sustainable packaging for mangos, kiwis, passion fruit and chillies in the future. 

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