Fruit exports from Chile down through October

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Fruit exports from Chile down through October

Chilean fruit exports for 2020 between the months of January and October dropped in both volume and value year-on-year, according to the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture.

For this period, the ministry's Agricultural Studies and Policies Office (ODEPA) reported a total of 3.02 million metric tons (MT) of fruit exports valued at $5,733 million FOB, before taking into consideration the Value Variation Report.

These amounts show decreases of four percent and eight percent for volume and value, respectively, from the previous year.

Fresh fruit comprised 72 percent of the total fruit exports with the rest being made up of processed fruit (19 percent) and dried fruit (nine percent). 

Exports for fresh fruit likewise decreased during the 10 months from the same period last year, dropping by five percent in volume and 10 percent in value. Reported exports came in at 2.39 million MT valued at $4,149 million FOB.

The largest export among fresh fruits for the period were grapes with 600,700MT equal to about $1,012 million FOB. Shipments were sent primarily to the U.S. (47 percent) and China (16 percent).

In keeping with the trend, grapes also showed a decrease in shipments of 7% in volume and a decrease of 17% in value.

Following grapes, the second-largest fruit export was the cherry with exports of 145 thousand MT equivalent to $954 million FOB. Most of this amount, approximately 94 percent of the total value, was sent to China.

In contrast to grapes, cherries did see an increase in volume. However, despite registering a six percent increase in volume, the value of cherry exports decreased seven percent in comparison to the previous year.

The next two largest export products were apples and blueberries. These, combined with the grapes and cherries exports, accounted for  72 percent of the total value of exported fresh fruit.

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