U.S.: West region driving Hass avocado sales growth

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U.S.: West region driving Hass avocado sales growth

While all U.S. regions showed double-digit Hass avocado volume growth rates in the late summer, the West region pulled to the top spot with an increase of 38.8%, according to the Hass Avocado Board (HAB).

The growth over the four week period ended Sept. 6 is equivalent to an additional 10 million units of avocados in the region, which includes all the western U.S. states apart from California.

Four of the top five markets for volume growth rate were in the West region (Portland, Las Vegas, Spokane, West Tex/New Mexico). Portland exhibited the highest growth rate at +54.0%.

Nationally, U.S. avocado volume grew +30.2% over the four-week period, while dollars increased +1.0%.

In addition, unit sales of bagged avocados rocketed during the period, rising by 45.4 percent year-on-year. 

This came as avocados sold under the 4046 PLU indicating small-sized avocados also saw significant growth, rising by 27.4 percent.

However, other avocado sizes saw minimal growth, while organic avocado sales fell by 11.3 percent.

In total, Hass avocados saw a much lower dollar growth rate over the four-week period than total produce.

While total produce dollars grew by 9.2 percent amid continued increased demand from the pandemic, Hass sales grew by just 0.9 percent.

The development comes after HAB reported that Hass avocado sales saw a record-breaking boost in the first quarter of the year.

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