Capexo to collaborate with Chiquita bananas in France

Capexo to collaborate with Chiquita bananas in France

Capexo to collaborate with Chiquita bananas in France

French-based importer and marketer, Capexo, has recently started to collaborate with Chiquita in the French market.

The family-owned banana company will offer its full assortment to Capexo, including the premium Chiquita Class Extra.

Chiquita is not only a major producer in Latin America; the company also sends the fruit on its own vessels in controlled atmosphere containers, ensuring quality, reliability and availability, according to the press release.

Options will be available to Capexo’s French customers, depending on their specific needs. 

The customers can buy green bananas directly at the port of Vlissingen, NL, or at the port of Vado Ligure, IT.

The options also include delivery across France or letting the bananas ripen in one of Chiquita’s ripening facilities in Belgium or Italy.

“For Chiquita, collaborating with Capexo means benefitting from the expertise of a specialist exotic fruit and vegetable importer plus its complete control over the logistics chains,” Thibaud Marcault, Key Account Manager with Chiquita said.

“That’s reassuring for wholesalers and supermarkets. Capexo is also used to working directly with producers like us and so, the relationship has been built on a shared understanding of our respective roles.”

Both Chiquita and Capexo are focused on a commitment to sustainable development, as stated in the press release.

Bio compostable tubs and printing on exotic fruit and vegetables are the ways Capexo works to contribute to the eradication of plastic packaging in France by 2025.

And as a producer, Chiquita works to meet the goals set by the United Nations and through ‘Behind the Blue Sticker’ is pledging to invest for the benefit of future generations: education and wellbeing of the people working on its plantations and eco-friendly agricultural techniques.

“Thanks to the famous Blue Sticker and the engaging brand activations of Chiquita bananas, end consumers can easily identify and repeat buy the brand,” sales director leading the banana project with Capexo, Elodie Plot-Segura said.

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