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Indian table grapes filling supply gap in Europe - Jupiter

Global fresh produce grower Jupiter Group says its Indian grapes are ready to fill the gap caused by challenging weather across Chile and South Africa.

Jupiter Group’s Indian grape season has "really stepped up" with weekly volumes now reaching their peak over the next week, the company said.

It added that the quality of table grapes in the field and on the first arrivals with customers "gives great confidence in the current climate".

Jupiter Head of Grapes Damian says: “In the current climate where Chile and South Africa have seen weather conditions that have impacted the supply of white table grapes, the demand and expectation on India has never been higher and we are ready to deliver”.

Jupiter’s Indian grape season continues with exceptional availability until week 23.

After starting with their exclusive white table grape ARRA 15 and Thompson around week 51 of 2020, the season has gone from strength to strength as the harvest of their Crimson Seedless, Sharad and Maylen also commenced.

This is the first season of Indian table grapes from Jupiter that has seen commercial volume of the new ARRA varieties reach the market.

The company said the new varieties give the opportunity to spread the volumes over the Far and the Middle East, EU, Canadian, Russian and UK markets; not just relying on the traditional markets for Indian grapes.

Jupiter Group table grapes grown in the Nashik region are benefitting from the ideal growing conditions of warm days and cooler nights which enhances the sugar content of the berries.

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