Why locally developed table grape varieties matter

Jorge Torres G. - White Seedless Manager at the Vida Produce Company, and ASOEX Fruit Technology Consortium Director explains why Chilean table grape growers must also be focused on developing their own varieties which respond to the country's unique growing conditions and logistical reality.

calendar_today May 05 , 2022
The challenges of the table grape transition: Reliability is king

John Pandol says: "Perhaps there are times and places where bluffing works, but in a world where reliability is king, bad information does more damage than good."

calendar_today January 11 , 2022
Chilean table grapes: Collective decisions are needed to move forward

Carolina Cruz, president of Chilean grape association UVANOVA, says that it will be key to put into practice all the learnings of the past year.

calendar_today November 11 , 2021
I’ve planted the new grape varieties. Now what?

"New varieties are like popular music. What is now classic rock was the vanguard of its epoch," says John Pandol.

calendar_today September 28 , 2021
Opinion: What Chilean table grape reconversion means for the industry

Jorge Valenzuela of Fedefruta explains how varietal reconversion will provide worthwhile changes for producers, even in the face of threatening droughts.

calendar_today January 29 , 2020
Q&A with John Pandol: The changing table grape industry

Grape expert John Pandol discusses several key areas undergoing rapid change in the global industry, including varieties, value retailing, and the rise of Peru.

calendar_today January 22 , 2020
Sun World sells its farming operations

A sea change in the nature of the produce industry, Sun World has announced that it will focus its resources on genetics, branding and licensing, while a Sun Pacific affiliate is set to acquire its growing operations.

calendar_today May 06 , 2019
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