Table grape prices spike in US after difficult season for Peru

The main destination for Peruvian table grapes was the United States, accounting for 46% of the total share, with a little over 29 million boxes received. 

calendar_today April 16 , 2024
Peru closes a challenging table grape season

Cyclon Yaku in early March 2023 caused damages estimated at $630 million in the northern region of Peru, with strong winds and rain for weeks which lowered table grape production volumes by 30%. 

calendar_today April 03 , 2024
Peru: Grapes dominate ag exports as industry struggles with weather

The main exported fruit in 2023 were grapes, with a FOB value of $1,825 million, an increase of 30% year-on-year.

calendar_today March 05 , 2024
Peru's table grape debut in Japan nears 2,500 tons

Up to week 5 of 2024, Peru has exported more than 14 varieties, with Allison accounting for nearly 22% of all shipments.

calendar_today February 22 , 2024
Table grapes: Peru volumes drop this season

Optimistic headlines are being shared in in the Peruvian press because a comparison is being made with the previous season, in the same months and, due to the early harvest of the current season.

calendar_today January 10 , 2024
Grape exports from Piura, Peru drop 32% year-on-year

Piura will export below 20 million boxes this year, 10 million less than last season.

calendar_today January 03 , 2024
Peruvian table grape exports down 9%

Provid’s General Manager Alejandro Cabrera tells that the decrease is mostly due to weather phenomena.

calendar_today November 14 , 2023
Peruvian grapes to reach 72 million boxes spoke with the general manager of Provid, Alejandro Cabrera, who says that, just like other crops, table grapes have been affected by weather conditions.

calendar_today October 09 , 2023
Peruvian grape volume up 9%

The U.S. received 47% of Peru’s overall shipments in 2022. It  is expected to remain the top export destination for Peruvian grapes.

calendar_today October 05 , 2023
Peru and Chile jointly boost U.S. grape consumption

The U.S. is the largest destination market for both Chile and Peru, with shipments representing 49% and 46% of total exports for each country, respectively.

calendar_today September 18 , 2023
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