Grey mold in table grapes: Symptoms and control

Symptoms of gray mold in table grapes are visible in various aerial organs of the plant, flowers, tender shoots and berries from veraison to harvest and also postharvest.

calendar_today October 14 , 2021
California: Coastal grape growers can use less water during drought - UC Davis study

California grape growers in coastal areas can use less water during times of drought and cut irrigation levels without affecting crop yields or quality, according to a new study out of the University of California, Davis.

calendar_today September 03 , 2021
After heavy rainfall, Chile's Uvanova takes new measures to boost grape sales

A representative of Chile's Uvanova offers an analysis of the measure being taken to boost sales after heavy rainfalls caused losses to table grapes

calendar_today February 10 , 2021
The Biocontrol Brief: How to control mealybugs in your table grape vineyard (part 2)

Mealybugs are a major pest for table grape growers, but some of their oldest enemies can be used to help control them. Check out part two of this guide to find out how.

calendar_today May 29 , 2019
The Biocontrol Brief: How to monitor mealybugs in your table grape vineyard

The nice weather and moderate winter in California make the state particularly attractive to mealybugs. Check out this guide from UAV-IQ on how to use biocontrol methods to monitor them in your vineyard.

calendar_today May 15 , 2019
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