Agronometrics in Charts: Delayed harvests alter the timeline for Mexico’s table grape season

Similar to Mexico and Coachella, Central California is experiencing a delay of approximately 10-14 days in its harvest.

calendar_today July 27 , 2023
Mexican grapes winding down

After a high-priced early Jalisco deal, Mexico’s traditional Sonoran production was delayed and otherwise set back by unseasonably chilly temperatures.

calendar_today July 24 , 2023
Sonoran grapes hit fast crescendo

Sonoran grapes are now roaring into the marketplace, after a slow start which caused historically high prices.

calendar_today June 19 , 2023
Many U.S. retail shelves empty for Sonoran grapes

Many U.S. retail shelves for grapes are empty this June due to unusually cold weather in key Sonoran grape districts near the Arizona border which means all grapes from the region are late.

calendar_today June 02 , 2023
Jalisco grape production is underway

Moving into the 2023 Sonora season, Nogales-based company Divine Flavor is expected to improve upon last season's numbers.

calendar_today March 31 , 2023
Mexico’s table grape body perplexed by first downward crop revision in 20 years

“This year, unfortunately we have had half the sizing we saw last season. We’ve never come across a similar situation,” said AALPUM managing director Juan Alberto Laborin.

calendar_today June 29 , 2022
Mexico’s table grape season facing delays - report

Daytime weather has been cooler slowing the ripening process of the table grapes, and therefore, their harvest.

calendar_today May 18 , 2022
Freight costs weighing heavy on Mexico’s table grape industry

"Freight is more expensive than the product, it's killing us", Juan Laborin, General Director of the Mexican table grapes association AALPUM told the Grape Reporter.

calendar_today May 05 , 2022
Pacific Trellis sees growth from Mexico table grape harvest 

Pacific Trellis Fruit expects to see growth coming from its Mexico table grape program, which includes over 20 varieties and will start shipping in the middle of May.

calendar_today April 20 , 2022
Agronometrics in Charts: The season unfolds for Mexico’s white seedless grape varieties 

Projections suggest a significant increase of imports of Mexico white seedless varieties during this year's table grape season.

calendar_today April 14 , 2022
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