Markets & Economy
Markets & Economy
State of the Grape Market - June 2022

Supplies were falling across the board in the world's three biggest regional markets, where pricing saw a mixed picture.

calendar_today June 09 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Mexico’s expected heavy and late grape season raises question about transition

Mexico's Sonora Grape Growers Association (AALPUM) has estimated that there is a record crop of 25.5 million boxes, putting it well above last year’s 21.3 million and a few percentage points up on the 23.6 million exported in 2019 - the current record.

calendar_today May 25 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Peruvian Table Grape Producers Association joins SHAFFE

The Southern Hemisphere Association for Fresh Fruit Exporters (SHAFFE) announced further expansion with the incorporation of the Peruvian Table Grape Producers Association (Provid Peru). 

calendar_today May 24 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Oppy announces its first tech investment

Oppy has invested in an AI technology that harnesses deep learning AI to forecast and manage the yield of a specific crop, and is starting testing with table grapes.

calendar_today May 03 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Logistics nightmare dashes hopes of recovery for Chile table grape season

Chile’s table grape season harvest has not suffered from weather issues like last year, but supply chain logistics have dashed hopes of a successful recovery and delayed arrivals to key markets.

calendar_today April 07 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Frutura Announces Agreement to Acquire Subsole Chile

Frutura adds another acquisition to its portfolio, this time Chile's largest supplier of table grapes to the U.S., Europe, and Asia, Subsole.

calendar_today March 30 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Peru table grape season surpasses expectations

An early exit from California table grapes, late arrivals from Chile and South Africa and good quality fruit led to a better than expected season for the Peru table grape season.

calendar_today March 24 , 2022
Markets & Economy
South Africa sees high levels of table grape exports

For much of the season until recently, exports from the country were running well behind the previous season, despite a much higher intake volume.

calendar_today March 18 , 2022
Markets & Economy
State of the Grape Market - March 2022

Decofrut presents the State of the Market for table grapes during December, looking at supply, demand and pricing for three markets.

calendar_today March 09 , 2022
Markets & Economy
High U.S. market prices driving interest from Chile - Decofrut

The Grape Reporter recently spoke with Manuel José Alcaíno, president of Chile-based marketing intelligence company Decofrut to hear his analysis of this season that's now getting underway.

calendar_today February 10 , 2022
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