Markets & Economy
Markets & Economy
South African table grape 2021-22 season sees increases in production, exports

A total of 77,7 million cartons were inspected and passed for export, according to a recently published SATI report.

calendar_today August 26 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Frutura closes on Subsole acquisition, plans "significant" expansion in Chile

This event opens the door to meaningful new investment, signaling Frutura’s confidence in Subsole’s growth potential and in the strength of its leadership. 

calendar_today August 04 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Spain: Heat wave puts Valencia citrus and table grape harvests at risk

The Valencian Community’s crops and countryside have been severely affected by the extreme heat wave over the last few weeks. 

calendar_today August 02 , 2022
Markets & Economy
California Table Grape Commission expands global marketing focus

The Commission has bolstered its global marketing focus with the promotion of Alyson Dias to the new position of Chief Marketing Officer, supported by two new Assistant Directors of Marketing.  

calendar_today July 27 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Sun World adds two grape grower-marketers in Australia

Australia’s strong domestic market and its proximity to Asia makes it a strategically important production region within Sun World’s global supply program, the company said.

calendar_today July 25 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Fruit World sees demand growing for seeded heirloom grape varieties

Fruit World has reported that consumers are showing a nostalgic preference for full-flavor, aromatic grapes, especially seeded varieties.

calendar_today July 11 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Australian table grape exports to Vietnam increase by 98%

Australian table grape exports to Vietnam reached record levels in 2021–22, thanks to improved trading conditions and ongoing export diversification efforts.

calendar_today June 22 , 2022
Markets & Economy
State of the Grape Market - June 2022

Supplies were falling across the board in the world's three biggest regional markets, where pricing saw a mixed picture.

calendar_today June 09 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Mexico’s expected heavy and late grape season raises question about transition

Mexico's Sonora Grape Growers Association (AALPUM) has estimated that there is a record crop of 25.5 million boxes, putting it well above last year’s 21.3 million and a few percentage points up on the 23.6 million exported in 2019 - the current record.

calendar_today May 25 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Peruvian Table Grape Producers Association joins SHAFFE

The Southern Hemisphere Association for Fresh Fruit Exporters (SHAFFE) announced further expansion with the incorporation of the Peruvian Table Grape Producers Association (Provid Peru). 

calendar_today May 24 , 2022
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