Markets & Economy
Markets & Economy
Bloom Fresh wins legal battle in South Korea over table grape licensing

The firm successfully demonstrated that the patented variety named IFG Six and the trademark Sweet Sapphire were in wide use despite the company’s ownership of the intellectual property. 

calendar_today October 25 , 2023
Markets & Economy
Sun World Makes Monumental Investment In Marketing AUTUMNCRISP® Grapes

Sun World aims to transform the table grape category with a first of its kind global marketing campaign for AUTUMNCRISP® grapes.

calendar_today October 04 , 2023
Markets & Economy
Vietnam market opens for Texas grapefruit

Vietnam is now the ninth-largest market for U.S. agricultural products, while the United States is the largest market for Vietnamese agricultural products.

calendar_today October 02 , 2023
Markets & Economy
Sun World’s first global grape marketing campaign

The fully integrated campaign – expected to be the largest ever for a branded grape – aims to raise retail and consumer awareness and stimulate demand for these grapes.

calendar_today August 15 , 2023
Markets & Economy
BID Invest grants Pura Fruit $10M for grape expansion

The financing provided by BID Invest will support Pura Fruit's growth strategy by expanding its agricultural production through the planting of 150 new acres of table grapes, increasing water storage capacity, and the installation of covers on plantations.

calendar_today August 10 , 2023
Markets & Economy
Many U.S. retail shelves empty for Sonoran grapes

Many U.S. retail shelves for grapes are empty this June due to unusually cold weather in key Sonoran grape districts near the Arizona border which means all grapes from the region are late.

calendar_today June 02 , 2023
Markets & Economy
South African table grape industry celebrates successful 2022-23 China campaign launch

Table grapes have long been a favorite fruit in China and consumers are eager to sample new varieties in novel shapes and colors that are sweeter and crisper than ever before.

calendar_today March 30 , 2023
Markets & Economy
South Africa to export 64 million cartons of table grapes this season

The main reason for a further decrease in the national crop estimate is ascribed to lower yields packed in the Hex River Region to date, as well as lower yields expected for remaining cultivars in the region.

calendar_today March 06 , 2023
Markets & Economy
South African table grape 2021-22 season sees increases in production, exports

A total of 77,7 million cartons were inspected and passed for export, according to a recently published SATI report.

calendar_today August 26 , 2022
Markets & Economy
Frutura closes on Subsole acquisition, plans "significant" expansion in Chile

This event opens the door to meaningful new investment, signaling Frutura’s confidence in Subsole’s growth potential and in the strength of its leadership. 

calendar_today August 04 , 2022
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