North American imports of Chilean grapes to hit 40 million boxes in 2023-24

The sector is looking at a total production of 62,5 million boxes, according to Frutas de Chile’s last industry survey. If realized, this would mean a 4% increase over earlier projections, which put production at 60 million boxes.

calendar_today May 13 , 2024
Chile: Systems Approach for table grapes vital to compete in US market

Chilean exporters and authorities expected to have the protocol approved for the 2023-24 season, but an issue related with the Free Trade Agreement between Chile and the EU is holding it back.

calendar_today April 16 , 2024
Agronometrics in Charts: Chilean table grape season in full swing

The United States is anticipated to absorb approximately 57% of Chilean supplies, equivalent to around 35 million boxes.

calendar_today March 21 , 2024
Chilean table grape volumes revised down

Despite the head start in Coquimbo, harvests in the Valparaíso, Metropolitan and O’Higgins regions were much later due, in part, to a colder spring.

calendar_today March 14 , 2024
U.S. imports of Chilean grapes to hit 35 million boxes

The East Coast will receive approximately 15 million of those boxes, and the West Coast 5 million.

calendar_today March 07 , 2024
Northern Chile's grape season to end almost a month early

High winter temperatures caused poor sprouting, which implies more work in greening, thinning, and harvesting, lower efficiency in all work, and generally lower yields.

calendar_today March 04 , 2024
U.S. grape market remains tight ahead of peak Chilean volume

Supply issues began in August when Hurricane Hilary struck California. From there, the industry witnessed a domino effect of adverse conditions.

calendar_today February 29 , 2024
Chile: "The volume of table grapes for 2024 will be between 55-60 million boxes"

So far, because there has been good movement of fruit within the U.S. market, grape quality has been strong.

calendar_today February 16 , 2024
Chilean grape season kicks off with 64% of export volumes comprised of new varieties

As per the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association Frutas de Chile (formerly ASOEX) third estimate, over 62 million table grape boxes will be shipped to international markets this 2023-24 campaign.

calendar_today January 29 , 2024
Systems Approach for Chile: "Table grape industry's sustainability is at stake"

According to Kurt Neuling, manager of the Transforma Fruticultura Sustentable Program (Perfruts), the situation "is serious and impacts sustainability, the rural world, and communities."

calendar_today January 16 , 2024
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