Berries Pride introduces new sustainable blueberry packaging

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Berries Pride introduces new sustainable blueberry packaging

Berries Pride has started suppling its Eat Me blueberries in cardboard packaging, which boasts various consumer benefits and is more sustainable than the plastic punnet.

After searching for an alternative to the plastic punnet, together with Bama Packaging, the company found the solution in using cardboard as the main material in order to "drastically" reduce the production and waste of new plastic.

The square shape is also an advantage as it allows Berries Pride to transport 65 percent more weight on a euro pallet.

Doing this reduces CO2 emissions related to transport and as a result, scales down their climate footprint over time.

With the consumer in mind, the large transparent window on the box allows a clear view of the product and it is reclose-able. It also has two openings in the bottoms so the fruit can be washed directly in the punnet.

The cardboard punnet also has a shaker opening on the side of the container to easily shake the necessary berries of the container and still be able to close it again.

"We believe that this cardboard punnet is the perfect next step towards a 100% sustainable packaging. The punnet is patented and we are currently testing and fine-tuning the packaging of the strawberries, raspberries and blackberries," Priscilla Wolf, Senior Marketer at Berries Pride said.

"The tests will be finalized in March and we expect to introduce cardboard-packed blackberries and raspberries in May. The strawberry packaging will be marketed at the end of this year."

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