USHBC promotes blueberries during Brain Health Month

USHBC promotes the health benefits of blueberries during Brain Health Month

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USHBC promotes the health benefits of blueberries during Brain Health Month

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) is helping consumers find more ways to grab a boost of blue during Brain Health Month in June.

Enjoying fresh and frozen blueberries daily is one of the small choices that, as part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle, may add up to support brain health, it said.

Throughout the month, USHBC’s new promotional campaign highlights recipes, resources, nutrition information and health research to shine a spotlight on blueberries as a deliciously simple, snackable and healthy option.

The month-long campaign features blueberry promotions such as videos, social media content, email marketing and digital advertising, including original content developed by program spokesperson Maya Feller and USHBC’s “Blue Crew” health professional partners.

Brain health is important at every age in the lifecycle and especially relevant for older adults. In America, the population of adults 65 and older is expected to reach 98 million – or nearly 25% of the population – by 2060, USHBC said.

Diet may have a role to play in bolstering brain health and mitigating potential risks. Evidence suggests that eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and seafood during adulthood is associated with lower risk of age-related cognitive impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, the association said.

A growing body of scientific evidence is examining how blueberries can be part of eating patterns to support brain health, especially as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, USHBC said.

“June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, which is a strong reminder to prioritize practices that may support brain health in our everyday lives, such as incorporating blueberries and other nutritious foods into our eating patterns,” said Lisa Mosconi, PhD, Director of the Women’s Brain Initiative, Associate Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic and Associate Professor of Neuroscience in Neurology and Radiology, Weill Cornell Medical College/New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

"I am delighted to partner with USHBC to share my favorite ways to enjoy fresh and frozen blueberries. Personally, I’m a huge fan of grabbing a boost of blue and putting blueberries in just about everything, from smoothies to salads – and even on the cover of my books.”

The Brain Health Month promotional campaign is one of six “power periods” that support Grab a Boost of Blue, a strategic positioning and call to action backed by new tools and consumer research for retailers.

Grab a Boost of Blue is designed to inspire and motivate consumers to enjoy more of the blueberries they love, in more ways and more often – ultimately driving demand and increasing sales.

Retailers, food and nutrition professionals, and industry stakeholders are encouraged to participate and inspire their audiences to think about brain health using engaging, easy-to-use content developed by USHBC, including social media images, digital ads and other resources. 

One of USHBC’s primary messages for consumers looking to make health-conscious food decisions is that blueberries offer one delicious, no-fuss solution.

“Brain health is a vital aspect of our overall health. It’s important to identify and act on the small, health-conscious steps we can take each day, such as focusing our daily diet on nutritious foods like blueberries,” said Jennifer Sparks, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council.

“We find it rewarding to partner with trusted health professionals and help consumers – from busy parents on the go to active weekenders to trend-setters experimenting in the kitchen – find new ways to enjoy blueberries each day. Grabbing a boost of blue has never been easier or more delicious.”

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