Challenges, strategy headlining the South American Blueberry Convention

Industry challenges, new strategies headlining the South American Blueberry Convention

Industry challenges, new strategies headlining the South American Blueberry Convention

Prestigious national and international experts will gather next week at the South American Blueberry Convention, the first event of its nature covering blueberries from South America. 

The convention is organized by Yentzen Group, with sponsorship from the International Blueberry Organization (IBO). It has also been planned in collaboration with national blueberry associations of the four countries previously mentioned: The Chilean Blueberry Committee, the Association of Blueberry Growers of Peru (ProArandanos), The Argentine Blueberry Committee (ABC).

Jaime Sánchez, Product Manager of SanLucar commented: “The South American Blueberry Convention provides a unique opportunity for the transfer of knowledge on international blueberry growing. In addition, it has become the prime meeting point between South American growers and exporters from around the world.”

Along the same line, the President of Decofrut, Manuel José Alcaino said: “The blueberry industry is going through a situation which is not easy. However, consumption has increased, which is good news and that has sparked greater volumes offered by the market. This is an occasion to speak with the different players of the Southern Hemisphere to see how we can better take advantage of this market.”


The first module of the event will be moderated by Andrés Armstrong, executive director of the Blueberry Committee of Chile, and will start with a presentation from the CEO of Agronometrics, Colin Fain, on the evolution of the blueberry supply and estimates. Then, Cort Brazelton, co-CEO of Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, will perform a qualitative analysis of the trends. This section will also include participation from Miguel Vegas, manager of Peru’s ProArandanos.

The second module will provide insight on potential growth analysis in Europe and North America. In this segment Felipe Silva, Director of Zurgroup, will speak about projections of future consumption of blueberries, while Jaime Sánchez, Product Manager of SanLucar, will present an analysis of the European blueberry market. Kasey Kronquist of the USHBC will detail promotion campaigns for blueberries in the North American market and, Lorenzo Venezian, a consultant, will dive into an analysis of the North American market.

In the next section, Manuel José Alcaino, President of Decofrut, will exhibit an analysis of South American exports to the Chinese market, and then George Leo of FrutaCloud will analyze the Chinese market, while OPM International will comment on developments in the South Korean market.

The module “analysis on the complex post pandemic sea shipping scenario” will be led by Philip Gray, an analyst from Drewry Shipping Consultants Ltd which will also include participation from Gustavo Salinas of Hortifrut, Ricardo Barkham of Cool Carriers and Ruy Barbosa, of Northbay Produce, among others.

Gray said: “Here is where the logistical challenge starts, where the consumer repeats their purchase if the product they bought the week prior met their expectations. These expectations have a lot to do not just with the quality and original variety but as well as this supply chain which we know is a time bomb! It cannot fail. Regardless of its origin, uniting efforts in keeping up quality until the consumer is the only way of continuing to build an industry with a future and profitability.”

The segment “adapting to complex times”, will include the presentations of Pilar Bañados, Manager of Blueberry Genetic R&D programs in Hortifrut, and Andrés Alemany, Managing Partner in Advisors SpA and a faculty member of the Andrés Bello University in Chile.

Andres De Witt of the exporter LaFrut will moderate the closing section, which will also have a presentation from Juan Pablo Subercaseaux, professor at Chile’s Catholic University and Gabriel Fonzo, CEO of Integrity. This panel will also include participation from Juan Ignacio Allende, CEO of Hortifrut; José Antonio Gómez, CEO of Camposol, Lorenzo Venezian, an international consultant and Alejandro García-Huidobro, General Manager of Prize.

A unique opportunity

The South American Blueberry Convention will be a unique opportunity to network, gain insights and share information on the challenges and opportunities that effects this key region which is responsible for around 60% of the world’s blueberry exports.

Attendees from all over the region

The South American Blueberry Convention will bring together attendees from all over the regions. Among them is a binational grower and exporter called Extraberries SA in Argentina and Gamorel SA in Uruguay, which also grows and exporters cherries in Uruguay. 

Juan Gilardi, General Manager of the entity said “The importance of attending the South America Blueberry Convention is having a presence in the most important growing region and build relations with the main growers. It helps us stay current on the recent development of the blueberry market regarding production, packaging, innovative technology, and the export market”, he added. 

To obtain more information on stands or sponsorship opportunities in the events, please contact Natalia Castillo at or by telephone at +56223355668

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