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U.S. pear stocks up 45.6 percent on last year

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U.S. pear stocks up 45.6 percent on last year

Pear stocks have increased significantly compared to April 2021 in the U.S., whilst in Europe, they have decreased. Apple stocks have also increased in both Europe and the U.S., albeit at a slower rate.

The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) released its apple and pear stock figures from April 1, 2022,  which showed that pear stocks increased by 45.6 percent, hitting 73,215 tons in April 2022. 

In particular, Anjou and Red Anjou pears increased their stocks by 45.2 percent and 93.3 percent respectively, while Bosc pears also saw inventories grow by 15.1 percent compared to figures recorded in the same month last year.

Contrastingly, in Europe, pear stocks were 24.6 percent down on last year’s volume, at 206,181 tons on April 1, 2022. Not only Italian varieties, including Abate Fetel and Kaiser, had almost zero stock  (-99.8 percent and -99.3 percent respectively), but Conference pears stocks were also 13.1 percent lower.

In the U.S., apple stocks were up 4 percent on the previous year too, standing at 1,014,826 tons. Increases in supplies of varieties such as Cosmic Crisp (+290 percent), Granny Smith (+48.8 percent), and Pink Lady (+24.1 percent) balanced out the decreases detailed in other important varieties, namely Fuji (-22.7 percent) and Red Delicious (-11.3 percent). 

Meanwhile, European apple stocks rose a bit more, growing by 13.1 percent, reaching 2,180,415 tons in April 2022. Although this is explained by surges in Red Jonaprince (+46.6 percent), Jonagold (+38.6 percent), Gala (+33.8 percent), and Golden Delicious (+26 percent), several other varieties,  like Gloster and Granny Smith, saw notable decreases (-55.4 percent and -19.1 respectively), compared to April 2021.

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