Chile’s ASOEX President to step aside -

Chile’s ASOEX President to step aside

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Chile’s ASOEX President to step aside

The longtime standing President of Chile’s Fruit Exporters Association ASOEX will retire from the role, and the search for a new President has begun, with an interim president to take the reins starting in September of this year. He has worked in different roles within ASOEX since 1986. 

In a statement, ASOEX confirmed that Ronald Bown has started the process to begin his retirement.

As a result, the board of directors of ASOEX has started the process of finding a new President for the association, and in the meantime has designated one of its board members, Iván Marambio Castaño, as the interim president. Marambio, a lawyer by trade, has more than 20 years in the fruit industry.

In the statement, the ASOEX board said that it wanted to “show its greatest appreciation for Ronald, for the innumerable achievements under his administration that have been obtained for the good of the fruit export industry, highlighting in particular his commitment in reaching an adequate balance of interests of the fruit industry with that of the country, having created a team of collaborators and related organization”.

Bown will remain an advisor to the organization, the statement added.

Photo: El Libero.

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