Huge growth for Colombian avocados in the U.S.

Huge growth for Colombian avocados in the U.S.

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Huge growth for Colombian avocados in the U.S.

The Colombia Avocado Board (CAB) recently announced a 270% increase in total avocado pounds shipped to the U.S. for the 2021-22 season. 

Colombia has produced and distributed avocados for decades, however, the growth and popularity of Colombia Avocados has expanded due to access to the U.S. market starting in 2018 along with expanding country infrastructure improvements.

The 2021-22 season ended with its largest shipment totals on record shipping over 24 million pounds.

“We’re incredibly proud of the growth we’ve seen over the past few years. We continue to meet with industry buyers to examine ways to highlight opportunities within the growing avocado category as Colombian exports rise,” William Watson, Managing Director of CAB remarked. 

“Our ability to move toward a consistent supply and ability to ship direct to both U.S. coasts is a positive logistics solution, now paired with our consistent quality which is on par with current market suppliers and Colombia Avocados are proving to be a valuable asset to category buyers,” Watson continued.

The Hass Avocado Board (HAB) and other member associations, including CAB, have collectively spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting avocados in the U.S. in the last decade and the heavy promotions have led to year over year growth. 

Colombian growers have successfully met that rise in demand with nearly 300 avocado orchards across more than 9400 hectares completing the necessary certifications to ship product to the U.S.

“We’ve never underestimated the power of the U.S. market and we are so happy to expand our volume to meet the growing demand while also offering the value of Colombia’s proximity to ocean ports providing valuable freight advantages,” commented Ricardo Uribe, chairman of CAB. 

Uribe concluded by noting, “The American consumer’s appetite for avocados continues to grow, leading U.S. businesses to seek reliable, year-round solutions and we’re proud to be able to provide that for them.”

Colombia is a global avocado exporter with unique advantages thanks to a growing region with reliable rainfall and direct worldwide distribution. CAB has been vital to the success of their grower and importer partners as they partner with global competition for maximum reach which has proven successful for everyone involved. 

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