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Spanish brand launches sneakers made from grapes

September 19 , 2022

Not only are grapes consumed all over the whole, but are now also positioned as an alternative to to traditional clothing materials.

As confirmed by El Independiente, Yuccs, the Mallorcan sneaker brand, is welcoming autumn with the best prospects. On Friday, Sept. 9, they opened their first store in Madrid which will be followed by a new store in Barcelona by the end of the year.

The company, which is preparing its international expansion and official arrival to El Corte Inglés stores throughout Spain, is celebrating with the launch of Grape Casual, its latest and innovative venture. 

A model that celebrates the features of one of the most popular lines by fans of the brand, available to date in merino wool and bamboo, but this time it is built with vegetable leather made mainly from grape skin.

As for the preparation, once the necessary must has been extracted, a significant amount of waste remains in the form of stems, seeds and skins.

For years, these scraps have been used for the manufacture of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even biofuels. And recently, they have also been used as a raw material in the manufacture of the vegetable leather used in Yucca's Grape Casual.

During the winemaking process, these residues are recovered, treated and mixed with vegetable resins to obtain the ecological product that will give way to the vegetable leather.


The Grape Casual are comfortable and lightweight sneakers, weighing just 250 grams. They come to the market in three unisex colors: White, Full Black and Full Navy, and between October and November they scheduled to be presented in two new colors: Khaki and Chocolate. 

In addition to the vegetable leather exterior, they have a lining made of the characteristic merino wool fabric developed by Yuccs, which guarantees maximum comfort and hygiene.

Being thinner and more flexible than conventional leather, the vegetable leather of the Grape Casual adapts to the shape of the foot and prevents chafing. And its sugar cane sole, developed by the company's R+D department, preserves the health of the feet and prevents plantar ailments.

Main photo source: El Independiente

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