California avocado season wraps up with positive numbers

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California avocado season wraps up with positive numbers

The 2022 California avocado season recently ended with exceeding high quality fruit and unfluctuating availability, according to Index Fresh.  

The U.S based avocado marketer is closing one of its most successful seasons yet, with record pricing and returns on their fruit. 

“This avocado season was an unrivaled success for Index Fresh customers and growers”, said Keith Blanchard, California Field Manager for Index Fresh. 

“The only thing more satisfying than eating a California avocado in 2022 was growing a California avocado in 2022”.

More than 275 million pounds of California avocados were harvested in 2022, and Index Fresh’s growers fetched a 67% higher return over 2021. 

The season started early and ended in the same manner, with California pushing good quality avocados. This gave retailers confidence to step in with the assurance of steady supply.

California’s harvest helped to encourage U.S avocado supplies. This proved important to market stability as Mexico’s harvest was light throughout late winter and spring of 2022. 

The two suppliers complemented each other in the market. California produced smaller early season fruit while Mexico harvested its later season mid- and large-sized fruit.

Debbie Willmann, Index Fresh Director of Sales, said: “Year over year, as retail, club stores, and foodservice customers seek to diversify their countries of origin for avocado supplies, California has always, and will continue to be a strong, high-quality source for them to rely on season after season.”

Crisis averted

The early harvest in 2022 came as a relief to California avocado growers. This is because they were able to conserve water by picking before the hottest summer temperatures. 

By the time the September heatwave hit, Index Fresh growers had wrapped up their harvest.  By doing so, they averted the risk of losing 2022’s precious crop to prolonged high temperatures.

“In some years, we face less favorable market conditions, or we witness extreme heat, cold or wind that reduce the available volume of California fruit. In 2022, however, the stars aligned with ideal market conditions and mild weather conditions. Our growers had a phenomenal year,” explained Blanchard.

As a grower-owned corporation, Index Fresh relies on its well-developed, decades-old grower networks in all its sourcing regions. 

The company supports growers from the grove to market by providing a diverse set of resources. This includes Index Fresh’s state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated food safety team, Seminar Series, and various incentive programs.

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