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Chile lowers table grape export forecast again

Chile's ASOEX’s Table Grape Committee has further reduced the export forecast in the third estiamte of the season. 

The Committee now expects volumes to reach 66.9 million boxes, which is 10% lower than last season and 2.5% lower than the second estimate.

“The decrease is due to a varietal reconversion that the industry has been doing for some time and that is today beginning to see its fruits, since more than 50% of exports will be of new varieties," said Ivan Marambio, president of ASOEX.

The executive added that it has been more than a decade since "the sector began with this effort, and this season will mark a milestone in terms of volumes in exports of our grapes".

For the upcoming season, Chile will send 36.3 million boxes of new varieties and 19.5 million boxes of traditional varieties. In addition, 11.2 million boxes of Red Globe will also be shipped. This particular variety is increasingly losing ground in exports, dropping 25% this season compared to last year.

Among the new varieties, red varieties lead shipments with 17.6 million boxes, where Timco, Allison and Sweet Celebration stand out. White varieties follow with 14.1 million boxes, especially ARRA 15, Timpson and Sweet Globe. 

Finally, the new black varieties with 4.5 million boxes, are led by Sweet Favours, Sable Seedless and Sweet Sapphire.

Regarding destinations, Ignacio Caballero, Coordinator of the Committee, said that "the U.S. will continue to be our main market. We are estimating that close to 40 million boxes will be destined for this market, 15 million will be delivered to Asia, while 9 million will go to Europe, followed by 6 million to other destinations such as Latin America and the Middle East.”

Caballero also indicated that "estimates fluctuate based on external variables that affect the volume, availability, dates and destinations of our grapes, such as weather conditions, freight, availability of workers and other global logistical variables external to the sector. According to the Committee's plan, we will deliver a fourth estimate at the end of December".

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