SiCar Farms is Greener, Cleaner, Better

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SiCar Farms is Greener, Cleaner, Better


SiCar Farms’ investment on renewable energies will make a big impact on the environment in McAllen, Texas.

In December 2022, SiCar Farms installed a world-class solar panel system.  This initiative was carried out in record time being completed in just five weeks.  The system is currently the largest rooftop solar project in South Texas.

Luis Gudino, CEO at SiCar Farms states, “Solar energy is a smart way of reducing the carbon footprint.  Solar energy isn’t just clean energy – it’s sustainability.  Our focus is to work smart with investments in technology efficiencies - specifically in an ecofriendly way that is good for our planet, our health, and the overall economy.”

SiCar Farms reports that the estimated amount of savings from the use of their solar panels will generate a minimum of between 1,182,000 - 1,341,000 KWH annually.  This energy savings translates to the equivalent of 875 cars driving 9.1 million miles annually, 425,000 gallons of gasoline, 4,140,000 pounds of burned coal and, 540,599,040 of charged smart phones.

Gudino adds “Solar energy is here to stay and is the earth’s most generous energy source.  We believe that the greatest benefit from this investment for SiCar Farms has been the advantage of being energy self-sufficient.  In today’s high demand and volatile energy market, capturing control and generating our own electricity safeguards us against any future energy cost increases.”

SiCar Farms believes that renewable solar power is the future of the horticultural and agricultural industries.  Gudino reports that “SiCar Farms limes are not only green; we feel confident in saying that what we bring to the table are quality products that generate less CO2 emissions in the lime industry.”

SiCar Farms’ team will be ready to discuss renewable energies and while displaying their fresh products as they are participating/exhibiting at the SEPC in Orlando, Florida in Booth # 804 March 2nd - 4th and at Viva Fresh March 30th – April 1st in Grapevine, Texas in Booth # 317.

For more information about SiCar Farms, please see their website:

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