Australian apple production forecast down 8% year-on-year

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Australian apple production forecast down 8% year-on-year

Apple production in Australia is expected to show an almost 8% decrease year-on-year, according to Apple and pear Australia’s (APAL) latest projection.

The sector is forecasting a total production of 290,000 ton, with an average national packout similar to last year. 

Similarly, the crop forecast predicts pear production will be down 16% in 2022, at 72,000 ton.

This comes after the hail event that severely affected orchards from Tatura to Bunbartha in Dec. 2022.

Additionally, adverse flooding in the eastern states in late 2022 and two significant hail events in the Goulburn Valley are also expected to hinder supply in the domestic market in 2023.

The entity’s estimate is projecting nearly 12% fewer apples and 35% fewer pears in the national class 1 supply of pomefruit this year.

“While we are confident there will be an ample supply of high-quality apples and pears in the Australian market this year, the reduced volumes will see us back on par with the volumes of 2020”, APAL said. 

However, with a smaller crop of good quality fruit and steady consumer demand, APAL expects prices to be stronger than in 2022.

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