Last container of Chilean cherries opened weeks after Chinese New Year

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Last container of Chilean cherries opened weeks after Chinese New Year

Giddings-Cerasus, better known in China as Xiaomifeng, opened the last container of Chilean cherries for the season on March 22 at Jiaxing Market, exactly two months after the Chinese New Year.

The reception of the last container of the season generated expectation among buyers in the market. 

Retailers sold out in a few minutes after opening, reaching prices up to USD $135 per box at the wholesale market and over USD $145 at retailers who promoted the fruits. The container was marketed by the Giddings Office in China and the local company Higo in Jiaxing.

This event celebrated the closure of the Chilean cherry season 2023 in China with good returns for the industry.

Cherries beyond Chinese New Year

Giddings Group is extending its visibility in the Chinese market by growing new varieties in the southern part of Chile, particularly in Osorno.

Chilean cherries have experienced several years of success and recognition among Chinese consumers. 

However, the following years will bring different challenges and one of them will be to distribute the growing production beyond the current market’s celebrations such as; Singles day, Christmas, and Chinese New Year, focusing on supplying consistently during other celebrations like the Lantern Festival, Valentine's Day and even QingMing Festival.

Looking at other markets in Asia

Gonzalo Matamala, General Manager of the Asia office of Giddings Fruit China, points out that this season was good for the whole industry and highlighted the economic recovery that China is having after lifting the covid measures and reopening the country.

Beyond the Chinese market, the company continues expanding to other Asian countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam, reaching first place as the supplier for those countries. In fact, a week ago another container of cherries arrived in Thailand.

“Retailers and wholesalers within Asia, are reaching out to us to supply more trays of our cherries, allowing us to extend the prestige and recognition gained in China to other countries in the Asia Pacific,” said Gonzalo Matamala.

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