China has diverse international fruit sources

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China has diverse international fruit sources

In terms of both volume and value, Thailand was the leading fruit exporting nation to supply China in calendar year 2022, according to the Trade Data Monitor, Inc. (TDM), a supplier of trade data worldwide. 

China is the best foreign fruit market for Thailand, according to the Bangkok Post. In an August 2021 report, the Post indicated that 83% of Thailand’s fruit exports were destined for China. In the first half of 2021, China imported Thai fruit worth $2.43 billion. Listed in order of value, durian, longan, mangos, banana, pineapple, citrus and lychee were the leading commodities. 

TDM indicates Thailand’s 2022 fruit exports to China were valued at $5.0 billion, and had a volume of 1.4 million tons.

As far as other leading volume suppliers, TDM indicates that in 2022, Vietnam ranked a close second, shipping 1.3 million tons of fruit to the Asian giant. The Philippines ranked third, exporting 939,000 tons.

When it comes to offshore suppliers, Chile is the leading fruit supplier. TDM indicates that in 2022, Chile trailed only Thailand in value, with $3.3 billion in fruit exports to China. In tonnage, Chile was the fourth leading supplier to the Chinese market, exporting 606,000 tons.

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In terms of fruit export value, New Zealand ranked sixth with $621 billion of fruit to China. New Zealand trailed Thailand, Chile, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Sothern Hemisphere suppliers Peru and South Africa came in at seven and eight on TDM’s list, with fruit exports to China valued at $566 million and $264 million, respectively. Cambodia came in ninth, ahead of Australia, which exported fruit worth $208 million in 2022. Ecuador placed 11th on TDM’s 2022 list, with fruit valued at $145 million.

In tonnage, Cambodia and South Africa rank fifth and six, shipping 368,000 and 243,000 tons, respectively to China. Ecuador, New Zealand, and Ecuador are next on the volume list, with 243,000, 200,000 and 165,000 tons, respectively for 2022.

Myanmar comes in tenth on the volume list, providing 95,000 tons of fruit to China in 2022, according to TDM.

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