CMI Orchards releases new American Dream CatStats ahead of high-velocity sales season

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CMI Orchards releases new American Dream CatStats ahead of high-velocity sales season


CMI presents their newest American Dream® CatStats in preparation for the high-velocity sales that come with the upcoming cherry season. Born from a desire to create something powerful and proudly American, CMI’s American Dream® program inspires a skyrocket in sales throughout the entire year.

Rochelle Bohm, Vice President of Marketing, says that the patriotic program is two-pronged in its approach. “American Dream® stirs-up excitement in the produce department by tying in to some of America’s most important holidays,” she says, “and it also honors and gives back to those that have served and sacrificed. This doubles the program’s impact and extends its reach from local and regional events to a national level.”

The American Dream® program donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each carton to a cause that supports veteran and military groups of the retailer’s choice. The organizations already supported include Operation Homefront, Wounded Warrior Project, Soldiers’ Angels, and Vets Serving Vets, among many local community programs, with donations being made in the name of the participating retailers.

Bohm explains that the dual-impact nature of the program is especially effective during patriotic holidays and the summer season, with engaging graphic displays and eye-catching packaging to lure in shoppers. 

“American Dream is especially effective during the Northwest cherry season, where capturing impulse purchases is so crucial. Savvy retailers who want to engage high-velocity sales can capitalize on this program and drive sales to help carry their produce departments throughout the year,” says Bohm. “Planning ahead and securing variety, volume and secondary displays in anticipation of repeat shoppers is critical.”

CMI’s Senior Marketing Manager, Danelle Huber, explains that the seasonal excitement brought on by cherry harvest year over year is only part of the equation, and that American Dream® is a program that cleverly positions retailers to sustain engagement and interest in the produce section throughout the year. 

“With a number of patriotic holidays on the calendar, shoppers are always looking for a reason to celebrate,” she says. “Nielsen Retail Federation reported in 2020 that 65% of consumers planned to purchase patriotic-themed merchandise during the Independence Day holiday, and that holiday-optimized package designs can generate an average of a 5.5% lift in forecasted revenue.”

The success of patriotic packaging is not only seen in the produce department. The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association reported that 72% of shoppers said they were more likely to purchase food products with patriotic packaging during the summer months, which include holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day. This, Huber explains, puts CMI in a great position to set retailers up for success, especially concerning cross-platform advertising and merchandising.

“CMI works hand-in-hand with retailers, tailoring the program and finding meaningful contributions that support events important to their communities, as well as contributing to organizations for a national impact,” Huber says. “The American Dream® program is highly customizable, so retailers can build out a program that’s going to work the best for them. Even the give-back component can be personalized, with retailers able to choose any local, regional, or national cause that really aligns with their company or customer base.”

View the full guide to CMI’s American Dream®: Click Here

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