Envy apples are at the top of the market this summer

Envy apples are at the top of the market this summer

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Envy apples are at the top of the market this summer

CMI Orchards’ hottest CatStats report shows Envy apples have enjoyed an outstanding increase in production and sales volumes in the last 52 weeks. 

Originally grown in New Zealand and crafted through natural plant-breeding methods, a CMI press release indicates this cross between Gala and Braeburn stands out for its sweet and crunchy flavor. It also stores well.  

With its white flesh that stays white even after being cut, Envy apples command a strong brand following and over-the-top consumer desire that has led it to the top of apple market charts.

Danelle Huber, CMI’s senior marketing manager, reports Envy's top-notch rankings with consumers are just one small indicator of the apple’s consistent and steadfast popularity. 

According to NielsenIQ, Envy demand is surging. “Envy’s popularity has been skyrocketing with a 19% increase in sales and a 28% increase in volume across the United States, Envy secures the 8th most popular spot in the U.S. right now.” 

Huber adds that this means Envy makes up nearly a quarter of branded, high-flavor apple sales volume.

NielsenIQ reports over the last six months that the Mountain, West North Central, and East North Central divisions enjoyed the largest increases in the Consumer Demand Index, putting Envy as the top branded apple of choice in the South region and second in all the others. 

This marks a total growth across US regions between 23% and 44.2%.

“Envy’s fan base continues to soar. Since arriving on the market, this luxury apple continues to break sales records time and time again,” says Rochelle Bohm, CMI’s vice president of marketing. 

Bohm adds that high customer demand has also been led by its social media presence.

Bohm explains that Envy apples’ e powerful global marketing presence delivers unparalleled brand awareness, helping retailers significantly boost sales while giving their customers what they crave. “Envy delivers year-round opportunities for retailers to build category sales with ease,” she says. 

“A high-performing apple paired with gorgeous branding and availability in both conventional and organic options make Envy the ultimate star of the summer.”

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