Marketing campaigns for Chilean green kiwifruit in the U.S. kick-off

Marketing campaigns for Chilean green kiwifruit in the U.S. kick-off

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Marketing campaigns for Chilean green kiwifruit in the U.S. kick-off

With more than 8,000 tons shipped to North America through mid-May, the Chilean kiwifruit season is underway.  Retail promotions will kick off in mid-June and continue through August, according to the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee.

The committee is projecting a 14% year-on-year decrease in volume, although fruit quality is expected to be superior. 

Carlos Cruzat, president of the committee commented, “Fruit this year is between one and one and a half sizes larger, and dry matter, which plays a key role in the consumer’s eating experience, is greater than previous seasons.”  

According to Cruzat, this is the result of a warm summer with a healthy water supply.  

Chile shipped 134,992 tons of kiwifruit across the globe in 2022, with the U.S., Netherlands, and Brazil as its top three markets. 

India has also grown substantially over the past few years, becoming the fourth-largest market for the Chilean kiwifruit industry in 2022.  

This season, Chile expects to export a total of 116,093 tons.  

Growth potential

The U.S. received 20,221 tons in 2022, with similar volumes projected this season, but increases are on the horizon.  

With new orchards coming into production over the next few years, Chile anticipates kiwi volume to grow by more than 80% by 2030.

Cruzat believes the growth potential for Chilean kiwifruit in the U.S. is because the market is just getting to know kiwifruit as a mass product.

Overall, global consumption of the fruit has risen due to a variety of factors. 

"The pandemic did a great favor to kiwifruit, because the consumption of vitamin C became more widespread, which has helped us have a favorable market situation in recent years in the face of a lower volume of supply," said Cruzat. 

In previous years, Chile had shipped around 35-40% of the total kiwifruit volume by mid-May, but this year, that figure grew to 52%.  With that in mind, the Committee is focusing on the June through August timeframe for promotions. 

According to Karen Brux, managing director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA), there are great opportunities to promote.  

“Retailers understand the potential of the kiwifruit category and want to partner with us to grow their kiwifruit sales.  There’s such a great story to tell about kiwifruit.  It has a phenomenal nutrition profile, a unique tangy flavor, and is incredibly versatile.  We’re looking forward to spreading the news about this amazing fruit,” said Brux  

The CFFA’s merchandisers are lining up everything from digital coupons and instant savings programs to online ad campaigns. 

The Committee is promoting heavily on the Fruits from Chile social media platforms, including a new TikTok channel, and sharing content with retailers to incorporate into their social media programs.  

Promotions will continue throughout  August.

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