Drought plummets projections for Spanish mangos

Drought hits Spanish mango forecast

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Drought hits Spanish mango forecast

Spain is accustomed to suffering the effects of drought, and this year won't be any different. Different crops have already been affected, and mangos, harvested from mid-August until late November, will suffer from the limited water supply. 

The region has the potential of reaching a volume of 40,000 tons, concentrated mainly in Malaga. However, recent projections show that the actual volume will be around 70% lower. 

This decrease in production will force EU companies to import more mango from other origins. 

Portugal is the main consumer of Spanish mangos, and around 80% of total production is destined for exportation every year. 

Last year, weather conditions in this region of the country were similar, leading some varieties to fall in price by 50%. Even though the lack of water does not damage the quality of the fruit, it does decrease its size, leading to a fall in price.

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