Spanish project developing bioplastic packaging using olive stone waste

The Technological Institute of Plastics (AIMPLAS) and the cooperative Olivarera de los Pedroches (OLIPE) have teamed up to find a more profitable and sustainable way to use olive stones.
April 30 , 2020

Unearthing bacteria to make agriculture more efficient, new discoveries in the field

A nitrogen-boosting alternative to ensure plants find the most productive path possible without harming the earth is the goal of the Andes project.
April 16 , 2020

The human side of sustainable water, new platform incorporates real-time modeling to water-preservation in Chile

Breakthrough technology paired with involved community action to monitor real-time data on water movement in Chile's Aconcagua basin critical for industry.
April 08 , 2020

New bioplastic made from fruit residue developed in Chile

NatPol is a newly developed biodegradable plastic that will be used in packaging fruits in the near future in Chile, its creator told us how it works.
March 26 , 2020

Australia develops non-invasive mango ripeness-testing device

The project sees high-resolution satellite imagery combined with data from hand-held fruit-scanning devices to better map variations in mango tree health, crop yield and fruit maturity.
March 18 , 2020

Digital integrated pest management: A conversation with Farm Dog's founder and CEO

UAV-IQ's Thomas Grandperrin sits down with CEO of digital pest management platform to discuss using drones for pest control, challenges in the agtech world.
February 14 , 2020

Fruit and vegetable distribution optimization gets a tech upgrade with Waruwa

Colombian Waruwa just began its operations 8 months ago and already works with more than 1,000 producers to streamline produce distribution, farm to seller.
January 30 , 2020

Fostering collaboration in agricultural robotics, Naïo Tech outlines the unexpected

Providing autonomous mechanical weeding, a French startup tells us about its unexpectedly collaborative platform and how it solves the labor shortage issue.
January 23 , 2020

Canadian farm tech company on the benefits of precision farming

With a massive weather data set, smart platforms that gauge soil quality and predictive mapping, digital solutions make farming more efficient.
January 16 , 2020

Artificial pollination performs better - Israeli startup explains how

Faced with the global threat of dwindling honeybee populations and food security globally, Edete's artificial pollination provides solutions. The startup currently works with almond production.
January 09 , 2020