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Unusual rainfall in Chile

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Unusual rainfall in Chile

Unusual rainfall and thunderstorms in Chile's central zone have surprised the country, but there are yet to be any reports of damaged crops for the fruit industry.

Sources close to FreshFruitPortal.com have said there is unlikely to be relevant damage to fruit crops due to the irregularity of the rainfall and because its intesity was different in various parts of the country.

Daniel Torres from the Meteorological Directorate of Chile told FreshFruitPortal.com that recent weather events could be explained as the result of a cold core high, which happens from time to time.

"For this date it is unusual but it is cyclical behaviour," he said.

The rainfall comes after announcements from the Chilean government that it will introduce measures to help farmers amid the drought that persists in parts of the country, while declaring certain agricultural areas disaster zones.

Photo: Sergio Piña, Terra

Source: www.freshfruitportal.com

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