Canada's Agrium to expand Aussie horizons -

Canada's Agrium to expand Aussie horizons

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Canada's Agrium to expand Aussie horizons

Canadian fertilizer and farming equipment company Agrium plans to expand its Australian operations following the purchase of pastoral agency Landmark last year, reported

The story reported the company would expand into rural contracting work, property management, livestock backgrounding and fertilizer blending at some stage, while it would aim to 'ramp up' its presence in the horticulture sector.

The recently-purchased Landmark will also decentralize many responsibilities away from the Melbourne head office in a bid to build the company's credentials in local communities, while the business also aims to increase its merchandise operations.

"It would be naive to say we haven't lost a lot of good people in recent times, but since the Agrium purchase there's been a lot of interest from our staff, and outsiders, in the opportunities opening up," Landmark managing director Richard Norton told the website.



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