China shows interest in Ecuador's fruit industry

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China shows interest in Ecuador's fruit industry

Shanghai World Expo (Group) president Dai Liu has visited Ecuador to discuss trade opportunities with the South American country's fruit and flower sectors, website reported.

Liu said local Chinese production and imports from other Asian countries were not enough to satisfy increasing demand, with a need to source products from other regions, the story reported.

"The Chinese market is based on three kinds of fruit: fresh fruit, processed fruit too, and also pulp that can be frozen or dry. There is a market for all kinds of fruit, but we want to start with fresh fruit and also open up other markets," he was quoted as saying.

"All Ecuadorian fruits have a market in China, we know they are varied and we want to carry all types of fruits, but most of all we want exotic fruit we don't have."

Ecuador's International Trade Secretary Mireya Muñoz said Ecuador planned to increase its exports to the Asian market, with very good bilateral relations with China at the moment, the story reported.

Photo: Flickr, Philip Jägenstedt


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