India's mango exports could double, says govt official

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India's mango exports could double, says govt official

An Indian government official has told the Khaleej Times Online the country plans to double mango exports by establishing itself as a production hub with improved infrastructure.

Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority general manager A.S. Rawat, told the newspaper India already accounted for 50% of global production with around 15 million metric tons (MT) harvested annually, but less than half was exported.

"The linkage of production hub with markets will help to get better prices for its produce to producer and it will also encourage the producer to produce more qualify products," Rawat was quoted as saying.

"All the measures are being taken to increase the export of mangoes and logistic support is one of the sector where the government needs to focus.

"India’s production period is around eight to nine months, but we export only up to three months production."

The story reported India produces more than 1,000 mango varieties with around 20 that are popular commercially, including the Alphonso, Kesar, Baganpalli, Dasheri, Langda and Chausa mangoes.

The states of Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh represent around 50% of production.

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