Aussie stonefruit could 'rebound' in CY2012 -

Aussie stonefruit could 'rebound' in CY2012

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Aussie stonefruit could 'rebound' in CY2012

Australian peaches, nectarines and cherries are expected to 'rebound' in crop year (CY) 2012, according to a recent United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) report.

The Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report said improved crops were expected due to a return to normal weather conditions, which  'slashed' production and reduced quality in CY2011.

The report said despite the potential increased volumes and the reopening of the Taiwanese market, currency issues would still limit exports and full recovery probably wouldn't take place until CY2013.

"Widespread rainfall and flooding in CY2010 has completely recharged irrigation reservoirs. Production over the longer term (2013 and 2014), particularly in the crucial irrigated areas of northern Victoria and southern NSW (New South Wales), will likely be boosted beyound the outlook period," the report said.

Australian growers expect 11,500 metric tons (MT) of cherry production in CY2012, which represents a 53.3% rise on CY2011. Of this amount around 2,000MT looks set for export, which represents a 125%  rise on CY2011.

Total peach and nectarine production is forecast to increase to 95,000MT in CY2012, up from an expected 90,000MT in CY2011.

Hong Kong remains Australia's largest export market for peaches and nectarines with around 1,388MT expected in 2011, followed by the United Arab Emirates (605MT), Singapore (376MT), Taiwan (242MT) and Malaysia (104MT).

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