Peru to triple pecan nut plantations in 2012 -

Peru to triple pecan nut plantations in 2012

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Peru to triple pecan nut plantations in 2012

The Peruvian pecan nut industry is set to grow its plantation area by 333% in 2012 as the country looks for new markets, website reported.

National Institute of Agricultural Innovation (INIA) leader William Daga, told the website the plans comeas demand continues to increase in Europe and North America.

"Due to the increase in this niche market it's estimated that pecan production will grow in 2012 and the hectares of cultivation will increase significantly, going from 900 to 3,000 hectares, prioritizing the coast and the north," Daga was quoted as saying.

INIA figures show 70% of Peru's pecan nut production is exported to the U.S., Germany and Asia, while the rest is traded in the local market through supermarkets and companies that incorporate the product such as snack producers, bakeries and delicatessens.

Peruvian pecan nuts are able to arrive without the shell in China, where it is believed the nut brings good luck and a long life.

In 2010 Peruvian pecan nut production stood at 1,847 metric tons (MT).

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