India set to export pomegranates to U.S.

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India set to export pomegranates to U.S.

India could soon be exporting its fresh pomegranates to the U.S. following positive results for a pest risk analysis by government inspection experts.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection (APHIS) officials believe it should be relatively easy to mitigate the risks of introducing plant pests or noxious weeds with the fruit.

"We have concluded that fresh pomegranate fruit can be safely imported into the U.S. from India using one or more of the five designated phytosanitary measures," said APHIS acting administrator Kevin Shea.

These include irradiation to make sure fruit is free of the mite Tenuipalpus granati, the false spider mite (Tenuipalpus punicae) and the bacterium Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Punicae.

Fruit will also be subject to inspection upon arrival at U.S. ports of entry.

APHIS is currently waiting for comments on its risk analysis which need to be submitted by Nov. 28.

Photo: Flickr, Mari Smith

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