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Michoacán leads Mexican cherimoya production

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Michoacán leads Mexican cherimoya production

The Mexican state of Michoacán is leading the country's cherimoya production with 367.5 metric tons (MT) last season, according to figures from the Agrifood and Fishing Information Service (SIAP).

The state's production of the fruit - also known as a custard apple - amounted to an estimated  value of MXN2.119 million (US$155,678), with the municipality of Tacámbaro leading output with 210MT.

The municipalities of  Ario de Rosales, Salvador Escalante, Tancítaro, Tingambato and Pátzcuaro also contributed to the gross figure.

Custard apples belong to the Annonaceae family and are classified as an exotic fruit rich in vitamins B1, B2 and C, as well as potassium.

They have a sweet aromatic creamy taste with large black seeds and are high in sugars and proteins.

Michoacan's cherimoya production is followed by the states of Morelos and Hidalgo.


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