Peru to grow organic fruit on highland terraces -

Peru to grow organic fruit on highland terraces

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Peru to grow organic fruit on highland terraces

Peru's pre-Inca terraces have received 1.5 million soles (US$555,247  million) from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for growing organic fruit and vegetables, the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) reported.

The Recovery Andes project  is expected to generate more than one million jobs, cultivating an extra 300,000 hectares in 11 mountain regions in Huarochiri province over the next five years attracting US$100 million in investments.

Agriculture minister Miguel Caillaux, said the initiative was aimed at making the most of mountain terraces which centuries ago were high density crop growing areas.

At present only 250,000 acres are cultivated whereas during the Wari Empire, 600 to 1100 AD,  one million hectares were devoted to crop growing.

The scheme will start with pilots in Huillaque, Huillpa, Soca and Marachanca, belonging to the rural community of Barrio Bajo in Matucana, where 150 hectares of terraces will be cultivated to benefit local communities.

The iniative is aimed at mitigating climate change through reforestation, contributing to food security and overcoming rural poverty.

The Rural Agricultural Production Development Program (AgroRural) will run the project with the help of support from regional governments.

Photo: Minag

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