China gets tough on food safety regulation

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China gets tough on food safety regulation

Chinese authorities are tightening up on food safety inspections after a series of scandals, website reported.

The Ministry of Health's food safety major incidents division director Tairan Li, said despite strengthening regulation the government still faced massive challenges.

In particular, a lack of consistency in procedures equipment and resources in different provinces, Li explained at China's annual international food safety and quality conference.

He also said there were problems with enforcement between national and provincial governments.

"The authorities have yet to establish clear lines of control and responsibility and they need to properly list out the procedures for food safety and monitoring," he was quoted as saying.

In addition, he said lack of expertise in food testing had undermined food hygiene and quality standards, this coupled with insufficient funds for state-of-the art equipment was threatening food safety in China.

He called for standardized equipment and testing procedures to be enforced in every province.

Testing agencies also want the government to establish clear lines of responsibility over implementation of regulations so that food manufacturers can be held accountable if they breach the law.


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