Mexico on strawberry export roll

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Mexico on strawberry export roll

Mexican strawberry exports in the first ten months of 2011 have risen 6.4% year-on-year to US$217 million, according to government statistics.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development and Fishing (SAGARPA) said the country  has achieved a breakthrough by producing 217,700 metric tons (MT), which is 1.6% higher than the average for the past three years.

Mexico's international fresh and frozen strawberry exports increased by 40% for the whole of 2010 to reach a value of US$227 million.

SAGARPA said over the last decade the country's strawberry production has grown by 60% with an annual growth of 5%.

Under-secretary for agribusiness promotion Ernesto Fernández-Arias, explained the rise in production was due to an increase in yields of 22MT per hectare in 2000 to 37MT in 2010.

Mexico is a major exporter to the U.S. between December and June when domestic fruit is out of season.

"In Mexico, 85% of our harvest occurs during this month due to our different weather conditions which offers us a great opportunity to supply this market."

The rest of the country's exports go to Canada, Brazil, Japan, Germany and France.

Mexico is the world's fourth-largest strawberry producer according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's statistics.


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