Mexican avocadoes push for Super Bowl touchdown

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Mexican avocadoes push for Super Bowl touchdown

With a variety of promotional programs in place, Avocadoes from Mexico has helped boost exports to the U.S. in the lead up to the Super Bowl on Jan. 5. With shipments expected to hit weekly peaks of 10,545 metric tons (MT) and 9,555MT in the fortnight prior to the event, group spokesperson Mairim Martinez tells about the marketing initiatives in place.

Martinez expects more than 72% of the avocadoes consumed during the Super Bowl will be from Mexico, while the rest will come from California and Chile.

"In the four weeks that include the Super Bowl week a volume of 49,349MT of avocadoes is expected," she says.

In anticipation of the event the organization has promoted avocado consumption in many ways, including a Facebook recipe competition.

"In celebration of the upcoming Super Bowl, Avocadoes from Mexico launched a guacamole recipe competition on its Facebook page. Participants could submit one original guacamole recipe with their respective photo for the opportunity to win one of three iPad 2s," says Martinez.

"Amongst the recipes received, Avocadoes from Mexico will chose the 10 best and they will be published as finalists on the Avocadoes from Mexico Facebook page."

She says the awards will come down to three categories: the most popular as voted by Facebook friends, the best recipe chosen by Roberto Santibáñez, and the most creative which will be chosed by the Avocadoes from Mexico team.

She highlights that studies have shown the demographic group with the largest avocado consumption tends to be women between 25 and 54 with large families. Martinez adds that while Hispanic consumption of the fruit is strong, popularity is growing among non-Latino Americans.

"In a report presented by the Hass Avocado Board in May 2011, it was found that four in five Hispanics say they buy avocadoes to eat or serve in the household at least once a month, and 50% say at least once a week.

"Avocadoes from Mexico evoke a feeling of nostalgia for Latino consumers, who grow up eating avocadoes and prefer the fruit from Mexico.

"Avocadoes have also grown in popularity amongst Americans - today, avocadoes are seen in more and more recipes and many popular U.S. restaurants have added guacamole to their menus."

Martinez says exports to the U.S. for the 2011-12 season are forecast to rise by 10% year-on-year to 680 million lbs (309 million kg).

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