Brazilians gloomy over low fruit exports this season

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Brazilians gloomy over low fruit exports this season

Brazilian exporters are bracing themselves for a third consecutive year of low fruit exports this season, website reported.

Figures from the Brazilian Fruit Insitute (IBRAF) show volumes will continue their downward trend since 2009.

"The expectation for this year is that the result, in the best case scenario, will be stable relative to last year," the industry organization was quoted as saying.

In 2011, exports were down year-on-year by 10.29% at 681,200 metric tons (MT).

IBRAF agronomist Clovis Ribeiro said despite January and February showing a 9% export volume increase at 96,300MT, this did not indicate a positive scenario for the rest of the year.

"The trend for 2012 is not the best. These factors decrease our competitiveness in the international market," he was quoted as saying.

Ribeiro said Brazil should reduce its dependency on Europe, which takes 80% of its fruit, and work on developing new markets, meanwhile selling fruit domestically.

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