Peru increases grape farmland by 20%

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Peru increases grape farmland by 20%

Peru is increasing its table grape land by 20% to 12,000 hectares with predictions of a corresponding rise in exports for 2012-13, website reported.

Vitícola S.A managing director Juan Carlos Brignardello, speaking at the International Symposium on Table Grapes, said regions which would grow the most were Piura and Ica, and to a lesser extent Lambayeque.

Red Globe accounts for 60% of exported grapes and its volumes are expected to grow along with seedless varieties such as Flame, Sugraone, Crimson and Thompson.

Brignardello said he expected exports to Asia to expand this year.

"Definitely Asia has grown a lot with strong prices, and with the signed fair trade agreement our products are entering more countries in this continent," he was quoted as saying.

"Exporters are always looking for markets that suit them best - now we are sending more fruit to Asia and less elsewhere."

He also said shipments to Germany and China, which had among the most stable economies, had grown.

Brignardello said El Niño shouldn't be a problem provided rains start in January, as grape harvests are in September and October. However, if El Niño arrives early then this could cause complications, he warned.

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