New quality control service begins operation in Peru -

New quality control service begins operation in Peru

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New quality control service begins operation in Peru

An alliance between Chile and Peru should bring more confidence to quality control and storage services.

The alliance between Chilean company Decofrut and Peruvian company CERPER, announced in mid-August of this year, has officially launched its operations. The companies will focus on providing and developing quality control services, as well as storage control operations and certification in Peru.

Juan Manuel Benalcazar, general manager of Agrovictoria

With offices in Ica, the main table grape production zone in Peru, the companies will extend and implement services in Arequipa, Chincha, Trujillo and Piura.

Fundo Sacramento general manager Rodolfo Pacheco, explained that Decofrut will conduct a thorough review of each lot packaged and will only export those that meet the specifications that have been imposed.

"Our buyers can be assured that with the service of Decofrut, their quality specifications will be met to the letter and we will have consistent quality throughout the season," he said.

"It is very valuable to be able to rely on Peru with specialized services such as those offered by Decofrut, including experienced inspectors, clear and tested protocols, and state-of-the-art software to manage information," added Agrovictoria CEO Juan Manuel Benalcazar.

"We are confident that the quality of our fruit will outshine other labels and our customers will appreciate that."

The growing demands from target markets and the need to achieve uniform quality throughout the season make it so that both exporters value Decofrut's services. They agree that the marketing window available in the Peruvian grape industry is a plus but that it is still insufficient.

Rodolfo Pacheco, general manager of Fundo Sacramento

"We need to compete and the best selling point is good and uniform quality," Pacheco said.

Benalcazar emphasized that "all of our containers will be loaded by measures cerified through Decofrut, ensuring excellent cold air distribution between the pallets. With this, we can be more confident that we will arrive with fruit in good condition, even in markets as far away as Asia. "

Decofrut president Manuel José Alcaino de Esteve said he was satisfied with the welcome in Peru and the partnership with CERPER.

"It is a highly regarded Peruvian company in the area of certification that has done an excellent job launching this complex operation. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. "


The quality control service seeks to ensure that all lots carrying a pack are maintained according to predefined rules. This has an impact on the uniformity of processed fruit, which in the medium term translates into brand prestige and greater returns.

The storage certification service seeks optimal cold air distribution inside of the container to ensure better fruit arrival at the destination, especially for the pallets that are near the door, the sector of highest temperature within a container.

"The impact on the arrival condition of the grape produced by correct storage in the container is tremendous, and Decofrut protocols are widely tested in Chile through its related company, Safe Cargo," Alcaino said.

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